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There's always something worth smiling about!

There’s always something worth smiling about!

Hi there. This blog is devoted to all manner of creative writing and is (ideally) updated several times each month.

I invite each of you to provide investigations and analyses; poetry and prose; reviews of film, literature, and music. Submit your own dramatic writing, introspective writing, unique and original writing. Submit your own thoughts regarding your politics and passions, hobbies and recommendations.

I invite your comments or criticism; your suggestions and feedback, at any time. Simply e-mail me or insert your desired copy as a comment, with a small note to say so. Please include your own ‘byline’ information, copyright information and/or author’s note so you can be credited for your own work.

More voices mean more variety. Let’s fill this Kitchen Sink with all the beauty and originality it can handle.

Chris Hibbard

Heather In Winter

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A poem
by Frédéric G. Martin
Posted here May 27, 2015

Heather In Winter

I’m looking out of the window
And I wonder where you are,
Is your soul close to mine,
Not so far from here?

Mauve lilacs
Are not yet in bloom,
Are there such nice flowers
In the world you’re living in?

My heart too will cease to beat
Some time or another,
Only children may be orphans
And I am not a child anymore,

I’m looking out of the window,
I wonder if you hear my thoughts,
Is your soul far from me
Somewhere above the pensive stars?

I wish I could tell you
How nice some mornings are,
How much we like to laugh,
And also we’ve seen heather in winter,

I can almost hear you laughing
A thousand miles away,
I don’t need to look out of the window,
Since my beating heart is yours,

And you put a slight smile on my face,
The fragrance of lilacs is floating in the air,
You say springs last forever where you are,
And you put a slight smile on my face.


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A poem
by Prospermind
Posted here May 27, 2015


We fell fast,
We fell hard,
like the way,
you captured my heart.

Oh, I’m falling,
for you.

Caught me off guard,
baby baby,
I, I, I,
never stood a chance.

It took only seconds,
to trip over your heart,
to fall and fall and fall,
for you.

Oh no!
Oh oh oh,
No no no!

We fell fast,
We fell hard,
like the way,
you captured my heart.

And I’m falling,
baby for you.

Let’s run fast,
let’s run far,
let’s be shameless,
let’s be wild,
Oh baby baby,
let’s fall together,
in love tonight.

Take my hand,
and hold on tight,
let’s fuck the pain away,
let’s fuck all night,
’til our hearts are jumping high,
and all our tears have dried.

Oh baby baby,
let’s fall together,
in love tonight.

Meet Me When…

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A poem
by Saneh Pandey
Posted here 5/27/2015

Meet Me When...

Meet me when world is about to end,
and we have little time to spend.

Find me when there is no light,
when we have no more reason to fight.

Hold me when I have no one but you,
where there is just us two.

Baby, I will adore you like never before,
I will pour all my love from core.

Ella: Of Infinite Possibilities

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A poem
by Jacqueline Seewald
Posted May 25, 2015

Ella: Of Infinite Possibilities

Wide-eyed in wonder,
Ella beholds the world.

“How old are you?”
her grandfather asks.

She holds up five fingers.

Ella traces her grandfather’s mosaic of wrinkles,
touching his face with those same five fingers.

Seeing tears form in her dark, dark eyes,
he asks: “Why so sad?”

“Because you are shrinking.”

“But I am not sad,” Grandfather replies.

“Why not?”

“Because you are growing.”

The Saver

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A poem
by Kathleen Wastlund
Posted on May 24, 2015

The Saver

Today I thought I’d clean out the trunk,
And throw away some of that worn-out junk,

The little red overalls, worn at the knee,
The raggedy sweater, used by my three,

The faded old jacket that Kenny wore
The first time he went with his Dad to the store,

The myriad anklets, many unmatched,
And several wee shirts, patched and unpatched,

The dress that’s too small for Betty to wear,
The ribbon that never would stay in her hair,

Paul’s baby cap his old woolen bunting,
Small worn things for which I’d been hunting,

Oh, I sorted out lots of worn-out junk,
Then I tenderly packed it all back in the trunk.

The Dragon Spell Poem

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A dragon poem
by Triolet Saphira
posted here May 21, 2015

The Dragon Spell Poem

First you must empty out all of your mind,
You must find the heart of the eye inside,
From which you will mold the clay in kind;
You’ll fire it for three days until it has dried.

Then paint the sharp spikes and slippery scales
But save for the very last those mighty eyes;
With a file of steel sharpen the nasty nails,
then with a pin and a drop of your blood, it’ll rise.

Name him then, and be sure to name him well,
For this dragon now is forever to be yours;
Sweep your hands wide to finish the spell—
Then paint the eyes that will face the wars.

But if it should happen that the dragon turn
Then the spell was flawed, and you shall burn.

Perfection Of Form

•May 17, 2015 • 1 Comment

A poem by C.E. Hibbard
for Marina
May 17, 2015

Perfection Of Form

Like a ghost
or a butterfly
she flitters past my eye
a reflection
an illusion
a memory of her presence
There but not there
here but not here
She is at once nowhere
and everywhere
In my mind
my body
my heart
my home
Like a quiet golden spruce
she is larger than life
yet pure
Untainted by ugliness
or life’s ill wills
She is beauty personified
She is perfection of form
Yes like a ghost
or a butterfly
she flitters past my eye


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