Hooligans Vol. XIII


A children’s poem
for Norah and Rowan
by C.E. Hibbard

It had been several weeks since our hooligan heroes
had raced off on their newest wild tale
With school and work and skating and chores
their lives had grown pretty boring and stale

So when they encountered a mysterious man
who offered them magical powers
It didn’t take long for Norah and Rowan to say yes –
just seconds in fact, not hours

Norah said “Please, Mr. Magical Man,
I’d like to move things with my thoughts!”
Rowan said “That sounds like a whole lotta fun –
but I’d rather control fire – cuz it’s hot!”

“Your wishes are granted,” the strange man told hem,
“but be careful with your new powers!
For telekinesis and pyrokinesis
are certainly not like taking a shower!”

Young Rowan went first to practice his gift
he pointed his finger and ‘BANG’
As he thought about lighting an oak tree on fire
red flames leapt from his hand!

Then Norah shouted, “My turn! My turn!”
and she closed her eyes real tight
As she thought about moving the car down the street
it started to flash its headlights!

And now that they knew that their wishes came true
they began to practice a lot
Norah flipped cars, moved people and dogs
and even levitated herself on the spot!

Meanwhile Rowan was running around
lighting fires up and down the street
He’d snap his fingers and things would ignite
bursting into flames his internal heat!

Eventually our hooligan heroes
Began to work as a pair
Norah would make nearby objects fly
and Rowan would torch them in the air

It wasn’t long though before they realized
Maybe they had lost some control
Their street was now smoking and ruined
their powers had taken a toll

Sirens rang out and fire trucks rolled
to this emergency of psychic proportions
The neighborhood children were crying and sad
with their parents mad about the commotion

The hooligans now had decisions to make –
should they stay and get busted by the police?
Should they run away and hide somewhere?
How could they ever regain the peace?

Rowan said, “I wish I’d never gotten my power”
and Norah agreed, “Me too.”
“We should have been more careful,” they both said
“If only we’d known what our powers could do.”

Then Norah closed her eyes and she thought
Rowan closed his own and he wished
And Norah flipped all the cars back over
and Rowan’s fires were extinguished

Finally, when they’d righted their wrongs,
and things were mostly back to noraml
The magical man appeared once again from thin air
and asked, “Same powers, same time, tomorrow?”

“No thank you,” Rowan politely replied.
“I think we learned a valuable fact.”
“That’s right,” Norah said. “Those powers were bad.
Tomorrow I think we’ll just wish we were cats!”

~ by Chris Hibbard on November 16, 2016.

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