Living In The Eye Of The Storm

A poem by Chris Hibbard
for Mary Jane
December 17. 2015

Sometimes I feel lost in a sea of forget
Black tides wash over me
Splashing my face and soul
Riptides tear away at my memories
Leaving but small fragments scattered
Unrecognized, uncategorized
Yet my arms reach out to find rescue
My heart is unwilling to drown
Your shore is so close to my salvation
Though waves continue to push me
Further away and farther down
Yes I refuse to give up this life we have made
I will persevere through the storm and the rain
The sun will continue to shine behind daytime darkness
And my devotion to hope will deny the currents
I will struggle to stay above water
As the powers of the abyss pull me down
Staying true to my heart
I will fight to remember
Recalling memories of our paradise
Living in the eye of the storm

~ by Chris Hibbard on December 17, 2015.

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