Hooligans Vol. XII


A children’s poem for Norah & Rowan
by C.E. Hibbard


It’s been a long time since we last heard word
from our bold hooligan pair
They’re taller now and smarter now
and they both have longer hair

But their spirit remains unbroken, unchained
and there’s so much left to explore
So the hooligan heroes, Norah and Rowan
prepared for a new detour

Rowan packed a light sabre, Norah packed her pens
and they bid their fair mother goodbye
“We’ll see you soon, Mama Bear,” they said,
“so there’s no need to cry.”

And off they went, on bicycles both
with their destination unknown
A real adventure is as much about getting there
as it is about where you’re going

First they followed the Watermelon Road
paved with juice and sticky seeds
Until they reached Celery Street –
who knows where that road leads

Eventually they found a sign –
it read Raspberry Boulevard
They kept on riding, both excited and frightened
As they had not yet gone too far

They crossed Carrot Lane and Mushroom Ave.
passed Cucumber Park and The Peanut Store
They went further and further, into sights and smells
they’d never seen nor smelt before

And then it was, that the Hooligan team
found a bottle that had washed up on the beach
They examined the bottle and imagined where its journey began
before it floated within their reach

“Maybe it floated all the way from Egypt,” Norah said,
“past crocodiles in the Nile!”
“No way!” Replied Rowan, “I bet you it started at the North Pole,
and it floated south for 10,000 miles!”

Norah picked up the bottle to throw it back in the sea
but she saw to her surprise
That this ordinary bottle contained a message –
a paper note tucked deep inside

“Read it to me! Tell me what it says!, urged Rowan
“I betcha it’s a treasure map!”
She unrolled a tiny school covered in small letters
written in a familiar hand

As she read it she said, “I don’t get it,I just don’t understand.”
“What’s it say silly, tell me!” said Rowan all a-tither
“It’s a note from mom,” Norah replied
“It says we’re late for dinner!”

~ by Chris Hibbard on August 17, 2016.

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