A Whole New Leaf?

A reflection
by Chris Hibbard
(Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
August 2011)

A Whole New Leaf?

* * * * *

Call it a flash of enlightenment or a stroke of genius, heck, I’ll even take temporary insanity. Call it what you will. The fact is, I’ve given up on the Poem a Day facade. I can’t update-slash-dedicate a new posting on a regular basis, though I pretended I could for two full years now. The fact is, everyday constant communication is just not my style, and I’m really only kidding myself. So, in exchange for this admission of weakness and confession re: my lack of motivation – I propose a whole new challenge.

We should think of it as Round 2 of a whole new Kitchen Sink blog page. If all goes according to plan, every week I’ll be composing a new short story; one that is somewhat engaging if not inspiring to the Nth degree. (I think that’s the first time I’ve very typed the Nth Degree, and now I’m wasting time pondering what the expression means exactly). But I digress.

If all goes according to my typically flawed creative nature, you’ll all be reading a new short story that’s been written by me four times per year. If all goes according to the rhythm through which I am typing at this very minute, you could very well be reading the first chapters of some novel I’ve completed by the end of the week; some Giller Prize-cum-Pulitzer masterpiece which is only officially published years after my demise; after some scrappy offspring of my now-mature nieces come across some old files and documents while re-booting some handheld hard drive device.

So in honour of this newfound commitment; this moment of renewed valour and honest (and sorely outdated) blog communication; Tonight Is The Night. In an hour or so, the first of many short stories will appear. I hope you enjoy them, for they will each be completely improvised; enjoyable bouts of civilized rambling.


Chris Hibbard
The Kitchen Sink
Lethbridge, AB

~ by Chris Hibbard on August 5, 2011.

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