The Superhuman Monkey People

A poem by
Christopher E. Rangel
Republished without permission
October 17, 2015

The Superhuman Monkey People

Since our creation we’ve stared at the stars
hoping that one day we would reach that far
for it’s in our genes- exploration of the mighty seas
we’d need help building colonies on other planets
The microscopic mapping of our every cell would lead us to a future not hard to foretell
Who will we use to help us expand?
Why, Superhuman Monkey People would lend us four hands
From conception in the test tubes their lives were planned
Genius was implanted into their every strand
Slowly but surely their numbers will rise
and we’ll catapult them all straight to the skies
Shaped, molded and whittled to aid our expansion
Raped, scolded, fiddled and government sanctioned
We’ve sent SuperHuman Monkeys into outer space
paved ourselves a future we would not dare face
we even tried expanding on the human race
soon all that’s come to pass will be erased
Generations spent on space-work with their hidden intent
a catastrophic takeover we could not prevent
The Super Primate Collective had planned the event
Man has created monster, Chimera by his own consent
Anticipation of our every defense, waged war on earth from
the satellites, a final battle too intense
The prodigal son to kill his own father
the beams from our satellites make buildings titter and totter
Technology my friend, is the means to our end
So now as the skies fall. I realize we can’t blame them at all
We just went too far, for it’s in our genes
Destruction of the mighty seas

~ by Chris Hibbard on October 17, 2015.

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