A poem by Chris Hibbard
For Mary Jane
October 17, 2015


I will lay
lay my tired head down
down to the earth
with stars for my crown
And when I awake
to embrace the day
There will be stardust where I Lay

I will sing
sing to the sky
sing to the heavens
till they hear my cry
And when I arise
to find my way
There will be music where I lay

I will dance
Dance in the valley
a valley of dancers
all learning to fly
And when I am roused
My thoughts led astray
There will be clovers where I lay

For I am free from the pain
Free from the hate
I can call on the rain
to help bear the weight
I am stronger than stone
I am taller than tree
I am free to be he
who I’m meant to be

And when I am lost
and I feel afraid
I will smell for the clovers
where I once lay
And when I am tired
and my legs grow weak
I will listen for music
To carry my feet
And when I am weary
and feel so alone
I will follow the stardust
It will lead me home

~ by Chris Hibbard on October 13, 2015.

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