Hooligans Pt. XI

A Children’s Poem
by Chris Hibbard
September 21, 2015

Hooligans Pt. XI

It was Saturday night and the hooligan pair
were looking for something to do.
They told their mama that they were bored
and so she took them to the zoo!

At first, Norah whined, “Oh No! Not the Zoo!”
“That’s where animals are mistreated!”
But Rowan said, “Yay! I love the zoo!”
and Norah’s vote was thus defeated.

Off they went to where the animals live
safe inside their cages.
The hooligans ran around and around
for what seemed like ages and ages.

To the penguin exhibit they skipped and hopped
and they stopped to watch the bears.
They pet the bulls and walked like peacocks
and even saw mountain goats there!

There were lizards and snakes, monkeys and apes,
pandas and butterflies too.
They saw fish that were red, birds that were yellow,
and dolphins all shades of blue.

They talked to the parrots and growled at jaguars
while tigers paced back and forth.
They saw weird creatures like a two-toed sloth
and polar bears from way up north.

Our hooligan heroes ate cotton candy
and rode on a carousel train.
They saw chimpanzees and kangaroos
and a lion’s incredible mane.

Norah wanted to let them all free,
saying “Humans are just animals too.”
But Rowan just wanted to stay there all night,
to “sleep like the animals do.”

After seeing strange critters with tails and tongues,
feathers furs and fins;
they were back at the gates, where the trip all started
so they explored it all over again!

Finally, at 11:00, the hooligans were both fast asleep,
safe in the backseat of the car.
Their dreams now inspired by wolves and bobcats,
as they cruised home under the stars.

~ by Chris Hibbard on September 21, 2015.

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