Hooligans Pt. X

A Children’s Poem
by Chris Hibbard
July 8, 2015

Hooligans Pt. X

Rowan and Norah woke up one day
to find that their mother was gone
They looked upstairs, then out in the yard,
they looked from dusk until dawn

Our hooligan heroes began to get worried
when they’d had no breakfast or lunch
They opened the cupboards and opened the fridge
and their dinner was fruit punch

Meanwhile the kids had continued their search
looking outside and in
They checked out the bathroom, the laundry and more
Even looking inside garbage bins

Eventually they picked up the phone
and called upon their nana
She told them to wait just a few more hours
and to eat peanut butter and bananas

Their mama had never left them before
at least not alone for so long
They called out her name, they cleaned up their rooms,
and they played all of her favorite songs

After a while they called on their father
and he was quite upset
He said he’s come over, said he’d call the cops
said they’d catch her in their net

But they waited… and waited… and nobody came
Not mama, not nana, nor dad
They waited… and waited… and waited some more
And their mood changed from worried to mad

How could their mother, who loved them so much
Leave them like this, all alone?
Didn’t she know their was daycare and school?
Yet she left them here at home

Then they thought, “Maybe she didn’t…
Maybe she was taken away!
By aliens, kidnappers, pirates and thieves
who expected a ransom or pay!”

And just when they had about given up
believing their mama would never come back
The alarm went off, the sun shone in
and their nightmare was just that

Hooligan Mama was here all along
Sleeping soundly in the bed next door
They hugged her and held her and told her they loved her
Said “Please don’t leave us alone any more!”

~ by Chris Hibbard on July 7, 2015.

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