A First World Problem

A Letter To The Editor

by Chris Hibbard

June 14th, 2015

A First World Problem
As an avid movie-goer and a fan of cinema in general, I am writing this to express my displeasure about a current movie theatre situation in our town.
Having recently ventured out to see some ‘blockbusters’, including giant robots, fast cars, and engineered dinosaurs; I’m just about convinced that audiences are being conned, swindled, and may even be victims of fraud by one local megaplex movie theatre.
First, these movies are only being exhibited in 3-D, something many people don’t care for – period.
Second, moviegoers must pay an additional $3 fee to see movies in 3-D – something they may have chosen not to do had the choice been available to them.
Third, this $3 fee is reportedly for the environmental recycling costs related to the ‘rental’ of cheap plastic 3-D glasses, which are uncomfortable, not to mention unfashionable.
Fourth, this $3 fee goes is applied to all 3-D film-goers, even those that arrive at the theatre with a coupon guaranteeing them two free entries, two soft drinks, and a popcorn to share. So much for a ‘free’ movie.
Fifth, moviegoers cannot even bypass this $3 fee by taking their own 3-D glasses with them, glasses they have already paid for on a previous visit and may have taken home with them for the very purpose of using them again – the very definition of recycling and being environmentally friendly.

Consider this:
A) Film-goers are forced to see films in 3-D only.
B) We are forced to pay a mandatory fee for silly glasses.
C) We are forced to rent the glasses time and time again.
Based on these three points, I can only come to the following conclusion.
If one imagines that 5,000 local residents flood the theatre every weekend to see the latest blockbuster, that innocuous little $3 fee means the theatre rakes in $15,000 dollars every weekend – just from the glasses alone.

At best, this smells of a monopoly and a conspiracy to pilfer extra dollars from each and every film-goer.

At worst, this is fraudulent business practice, albeit on a seemingly small scale.
I can only recommend that all film lovers opt to wait a month, see the films in 2-D at our other local second-run theatre, and holler loudly using our wallets that we’re fed up with being conned, sick of being scammed and swindled, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

~ by Chris Hibbard on June 14, 2015.

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