The Dragon Spell Poem

A dragon poem
by Triolet Saphira
posted here May 21, 2015

The Dragon Spell Poem

First you must empty out all of your mind,
You must find the heart of the eye inside,
From which you will mold the clay in kind;
You’ll fire it for three days until it has dried.

Then paint the sharp spikes and slippery scales
But save for the very last those mighty eyes;
With a file of steel sharpen the nasty nails,
then with a pin and a drop of your blood, it’ll rise.

Name him then, and be sure to name him well,
For this dragon now is forever to be yours;
Sweep your hands wide to finish the spell—
Then paint the eyes that will face the wars.

But if it should happen that the dragon turn
Then the spell was flawed, and you shall burn.


~ by Chris Hibbard on May 21, 2015.

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