I Want You

A poem
by Andy Charrington
posted May 6, 2015


I want “I see you” more than “I love you.”
I want not to seek moments, but to find myself swept away in them, completely out of control in the vastness of everything.
I can not live on moments alone. I want love to make the moments, not moments to make the love.
I want to look into eyes that see through the blue, into the grey and down to the red. Eyes that hear what my mouth can’t speak.
I want to see you. All of you. Not your response to my darkness. And I want to be to you as the stars are to the planets. Known.
I want never to cry from questions unanswered or wail from the misperception of me.

I want to run rivers from my eyes to my heart because I know that I am seen and that nothing is turned away. Not because I am clean, but because I am filthy with fear and scarred with regret. And that that’s okay.
I want to be held when I’m alone and set down when I’m ready. To be picked up when I stumble and have my smallest step forward cheered.
I want to feel safe to be scared, to break down and snap. To trust that it’s alright when I can’t see today for the loom of tomorrow or the linger of yesterday.
I want to know I’m here. That what I’m bursting with and longing to pour out is seen and wanted. That what’s inside comes out in a language that’s known. And that what’s outside already needs no explanation at all.
I want “no matter what”, “whatever it takes”, “I’m listening” and “I’m here.”
I want all this and yet I want still more.
I want to learn how to give all this too.
Every day.
With all of my heart.
Till death do us part.

~ by Chris Hibbard on May 6, 2015.

One Response to “I Want You”

  1. No matter what
    whatever it takes
    I’m listening
    I’m here
    Love to make the moments. Not moments to make the love
    What’s inside comes out as a language that’s known

    Beautiful ♡

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