Hooligans Pt. IX

A Children’s Poem
for Norah and Rowan
By Chris Hibbard
May 5, 2015

Hooligans Pt. IX

Two little hooligans were out in the rain
When a funnel cloud started to form
They thought ‘oh my goodness, that’s a strange cloud
– and this is a mighty big storm’

So they put on rain hats, umbrellas, galoshes
And prepared for a whole lot of wind
And the wind it came… with might and force
As the funnel cloud started to spin

There were lightning flashes and thunder claps
So loud that their ears felt funny
There was so much rain and hail and sleet
That their hooligan noses were runny

Our hooligan heroes were smart and brave
And by rights, they should be afraid
But these two kids had seen all sorts of crazy things
So this was just another un-ordinary day

They chased the tornado across the prairies
Hoping to get sucked up inside
For they’d seen a film once where a girl and a dog
Took a tornado for quite a ride

As the spinning cloud got closer and bigger
Our hooligan heroes held hands
Soon enough they were pulled off their feet
And whisked way up, off the land

They flew in big circles, surrounded by litter;
Trees and wood and rocks and dirt
They thought it was fun – going round and round
Even though some of the stones kind of hurt

Eventually they were so high in the air
That they couldn’t see the ground below
But they kept on spinning, laughing and grinning,
Singing ‘around and around we go!”

They were lucky I guess, as they didn’t go far
Only a few dozen miles
When they finally landed – all dizzy and dirty
Their faces were covered with smiles

They watched the wind storm slowly disappear
And it all seemed a little bit wrong
Such a powerful force of nature and chaos
It was here and now it was gone

Norah, the sister, said to Rowan, the brother
‘That storm was a whole lot of fun!”
And Rowan, the brother, said to Norah the sister,
“I can’t wait for another one!”

When they went back to school the very next day
They told their teachers and peers
Who naturally, didn’t believe them – again!
and chided them with snorts and sneers

But our hooligan pair, they knew what they knew
No matter who else would believe
They rode a tornado and they both survived
Something none of their peers had achieved

When they told their poor mother, (who had heard all their tales
And who always had to clean their clothes)
She told them to take a camera next time
So they could prove it with photos!

~ by Chris Hibbard on May 6, 2015.

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