Hooligans Pt. VIII

A children’s poem
For Rowan and Norah
by Chris Hibbard
April 3, 2015

Hooligans Vol. VIII

Two young Hooligans went for a walk
not knowing where they were goin’
For no adventure is too big or too long
for Hooligans Norah and Rowan

They set off West for the mountains and hills
prepared for ice and snow
but when they got there the snow was melting
and the ice had started to go

There were fir trees and spruce trees
alder, birch, and pine
The woods were full of birds all chirpin’
their birdsongs sounded so fine

The Hooligan siblings hiked up a trail
hoping to find a bear
but instead they found an old wooden cabin
waiting for them there

The door creaked open and the inside was dark
it smelled like wet rotten wood
there were plates on the tables and spoons in the drawer
and soon they understood

That somebody lived here in this old cabin
someone who must not be home
and before they could turn around and leave
a voice said ‘leave my things alone!’

Startled, they jumped nearly out of their shoes
and slowly they turned around
they saw a man pointing a rifle at them
and a long beard hanging down

“Excuse me sir, we didn’t mean to intrude”
Norah said with a smile
“We set off for the mountains on another adventure,
and we’ve been hiking for miles!”

Slowly the man put his rifle away
and turned to them and said
“If you two munchkins weren’t so cute,
you both might have ended up dead!”

“My name is John and I live in these woods
I’ve lived here half my life.
I raised two sons here, right in these woods
just me and a wonderful wife”

The Hooligans thought that they should just go
but John said “Won’t you stay for a while?”
“I’ve been alone now for a real long time,
I could use a bit of a smile.”

So the Hooligan pair settled down in some chairs
and John put on water for tea
and he told them some tales about cougars and bears
and a life amongst the trees

He said, “We once robbed a bank, and were chased by the cops
and that’s when we found this place.
My wife and I see, we thought it was nice
and so we made it our own private space.”

“We lived here for years,” he continued his tale
“and we had ourselves some boys.
We birthed ’em and reared ’em, right here in this cabin
the forest provided their toys.”

“But where are they now?” Rowan inquired
“I don’t see anyone else around.”
John said “The boys all growed up and moved into the city
and my wife, well she’s in the ground.”

As his story continued, the Hooligans learned
that John’s wife had gotten ill
She caught a disease that never got better
and John buried her under a hill.

“That’s a very sad story,” Norah said.
“Don’t you get lonely and scared?”
She couldn’t imagine living alone in a cabin
with no one to play with and share.

“I suppose I get lonely from time to time,”
John said as he poured them some tea.
“I gotta admit that it’s been pretty nice,
havin’ some young company.”

“Do you want to come with us?” Rowan asked,
“When we go back to the city?”
“You seem real nice and leaving you here alone,
seems like such a pity.”

“I don’t think so, not today,” John stood and replied.
“It’s too late for a brand new start.”
“See, these woods are my home, and my wife is still here,
if only alive in my heart.”

“Then can we come back and visit sometimes?”
Young Norah wanted to know.
“We know where you live, we won’t tell nobody,
and we can bring you some food and some clothes!”

John looked at the Hooligans up and down,
and a tear rolled down to his chin.
“That’s awfully kind of you young things,
I think I’d like a visit from you, every now and then.”

The Hooligan pair got up from their chairs
and put down their coffee mugs
“We’re not supposed to talk to strangers,
but we’re gonna give you some hugs!”

And they all said goodbye until the next time they’d meet
up here near the creek in the trees
Then the Hooligan pair, they headed for home
to give their own mama a squeeze

But they paid close attention on the way back
keepin’ tabs on where they were goin’
They’d met a nice man on this special adventure –
an adventure of Norah and Rowan.

~ by Chris Hibbard on April 3, 2015.

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