The Thief

A poem by Poetic Knight
New Orleans
posted March 21, 2015


The thief stole through the house under cover of darkness
As if propelled by some singular purpose
Determined look in his eye, his purpose bound
Searching with his senses as some hunting hound
The master, awakened from fitful sleep
Of dreams of riches to fill his greed
A man of glutton and unsurpassable wealth
He made his way down the stairs by stealth
Thief! Thief! His possessions cried out in fear
As the master, with shaking limbs came near
A sword in hand, malice in his heart
Searching for all his bulging eyes could report
When all at once from behind he is surprised
Subdued somehow right before his pleading eyes
‘Name any treasure thy heart desires,
for my life, I ransom all before Hell’s fires.
Take for thyself whatever fancies thee,
if that you would spare my life, and a coin or three.’

And the thief, long did gaze steadfast
Until an eternity it seemed had passed
Low and measured breath he did intake
And upon his knee, his sword did he break
With reproachful voice to heighten his brooding features
He began to address the weak and weary creature
‘You name not that which should be treasured above,
all things of earthly sum, that which others call love.
She rests in peaceful sleep though your thoughts do not turn
to her in fear of life, nay, for only gold does your heart burn.
Fear not, thy master of mortal riches, I shall let you live.
For she is something I could not take, nor could you give.’

~ by Chris Hibbard on March 21, 2015.

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