Hooligans Pt. VII

A children’s poem
by Chris Hibbard
For Norah and Rowan
March 19, 2015

Hooligans Pt. VII

There once were two hooligans
A boy and a girl
Who dreamed of sailing
Around the whole world

So they gathered up wood
Hammers and nails
They used tarps and blankets
To act as their sails

They built a hull
A mast and a keel
They built up the aft
The stern and the wheel

And when they were done
They stared up at a boat
Big enough for two
And able to float

They said goodbye
To their house’s front door
Before casting off
For the breeze at the shore

Soon they were sailing
On waves and the wind
Another Hooligan adventure
Was about to begin

They floated past islands
They floated for weeks
Always double checking
Looking for leaks

They saw penguins and sharks
Jellyfish and whales
Dolphins too
With long dolphin tails

They sailed down the coastline
Leaving Canada behind
They caught their own fish
With their own fishing lines

The two young sailors
So brave and so bold
Drifted under sunsets
That painted everything gold

They met up with pirates
Who shouted ‘Ahoy!”
Such a big adventure
For a girl and a boy

At night they would sleep
On the deck under stars
Pointing out planets
Like Saturn and Mars

Seagulls chased them
Sea Lions did too
And they waves kept on pushing
As only waves do

Sometimes the wind stopped
And they had to paddle
They’d made oars from old broomsticks
And their old baby rattles

Our Hooligan heroes
Saw New York and Japan
But some days they floated
And never saw land

They passed by Scotland
New Zealand and Poland
As the waves kept on pushin’
And the boat kept on rollin’

One time they got queasy
And got sick into the water
They also got sunburned
Because it kept getting hotter

So checking their compass
They headed for home
Back to Alberta
Back to toothbrush and comb

It took them so long
To get back to shore
By the time they were home
They didn’t like fish anymore!

~ by Chris Hibbard on March 19, 2015.

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