A poem
Author currently unknown
Posted March 2, 2015


I fall in love regularly with each person
whom passes me in the streets
or who sits beside me on the bus.
Not in the romantic way –
No we hardly speak a word to each other.
But I sit, quietly observing
all of their body language
and all of their expressions.
Their smiles, and gestures.
And the way they lift their coffee,
or smile as they read that new text message,
or count the change in their hands.
I watch vigilantly,
tracking the manners and movements,
and appreciating all that these people are.
I spend some time thinking
about their families and loves,
and the life they lead.
I consider what they might do for work
or if they went to school and what for.
When they woke up that morning
and how they did their hair.
I study the details of these people.
People and moments
that may otherwise go unnoticed.
Researching each of them,
noticing our similarities
and rejoicing in the beauty of human nature.
I simply fall in love.


~ by Chris Hibbard on March 2, 2015.

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