Hooligans Pt. VI

A children’s poem
by Chris Hibbard
For Rowan and Norah
March 2, 2015

Hooligans Vol. VI

It was boring on Sunday when the Hooligans woke
they wanted to go outside
But it was cloudy and grey and a little too cold
For a skate or a long bike ride

“A horse would be better” the Hooligans thought,
“and two would be even more fun!”
When all of a sudden a farmer rolled by
and the kids were off at a run

They chased the truck and the wagon behind it
until it came to a stop
Then they opened the door to the wagon
and up into the back they hopped!

It was full of dry straw and it smelled real funny
but the Hooligans didn’t care
For they realized that they weren’t alone –
there were horses giving them curious stares.

“Hello,” said Rowan, “I’m four and a half,
and we’d like to go for a walk.”
and the horses stepped forward and lowered their heads
and the big one started to talk.

“It’s nice to see such adventurous kids”
the horse said real slow
“My name’s Stan and this here is Alice
just where do you plan to go?

“We don’t care, just anywhere,
we’re bored and want to play!”
So off they went, two kids on horseback
like the wind they raced away

Down the road and over the river
and around the next bend they fled
Leaving a farmer by his poor empty wagon
Thoughtfully scratching his head

They rode to the very edges of town
up and down back alleys
They rode until the sun was settings
over the entire valley

Still faster they raced, cool air in their faces
two Hooligans on two horses
They sped over the prairies as if they were driven
by great invisible forces

They stopped for a drink by the cold running creek
and Alice the horse inquired
“I hate to say it, but my horseshoes are sore,
and my legs are kinda tired.”

“So let’s stop at the barn down the road from your house”
It’ll make our poor farmer happy,
He feeds us and cleans us and takes us to work
he’d kinda like our daddy.”

So the Hooligan pair, Rowan and Norah
bid their new friends goodbye
Told them that maybe they’d meet again soon
for another long night’s ride.

And as soon as the Hooligans saw their mom’s car
they couldn’t wait to get back home
They could smell mama’s cooking and hear her sweet laughter
and her pretty voice on the phone

~ by Chris Hibbard on March 2, 2015.

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