Hooligans Pt. V

A poem for Norah and Rowan
By Chris Hibbard
February 18, 2015

Hooligans Pt. V

“I wonder where those hooligans are?”,
the Hooligans’ mother thought aloud.
“They’ve been gone for awhile, on another adventure…
I hope they’re safe and sound!”

And she was right, they’d been gone a while,
for since earlier that day
Norah and Rowan, our hooligan pair
Had been digging and digging away

They’d started after breakfast, with one simple plan
To see how deep a hole they could dig
They thought if they dug and they dug some more
By dinnertime the hole would be big!

But the digging was easy, with buckets and shovels
And the dirt was awfully soft
So our hooligan pair just kept right on digging
And now they feared they were lost

They had dug past the tree roots and dug through the sidewalk
and once they had dug past the stones
They kept on digging, past diamonds and logs
Even petrified dinosaur bones!

They had dug so deep, that the world had grown dark
And they had to find a flashlight
For once you dig deep enough down in the earth
You can’t tell day from night

Rowan and Norah, our trepid explorers
Could no longer see the sun
They could only see down, and it was getting hot
The digging was no longer fun

Until wait.. what was that? A light in the distance
That seemed nearly insane!
For what could be buried so far down –
in this giant hole they had made?

And suddenly – pop! – they were out of the tunnel
Their heads poking out just to see
Everything was different, and nothing the same
They’d dug to a whole other country!

They had dug for miles and has reached the earth’s core
and had gone right through to the other side
“We are in China”, Norah said,
“I’ve seen pictures of China in slides!”

The pair looked around, a little bit frightened
For China was awfully far from home
But they both liked Chinese food, and panda bears too –
If only they weren’t so alone

And Norah said, “Little brother – have no fear,
we’ll be back in Canada soon.”
But Rowan asked “How, when it took us all day? –
It was faster to get to the moon!”

His sister was smart though, and she’d seen on TV
That the Earth is big and round
And full of things called time zones
That criss-crossed all over the ground

And if you managed to cross enough of them
It was almost like travelling in time
and “We must have crossed at least one or two,” Norah said,
“So maybe we’re just fine.”

So they stopped the first Chinese person they saw
And asked him for the time
He said “It’s Thursday morning of course,
have you kids lost your minds?”

They thanked him for his help and thought
About what Thursday meant to them
When did they leave and when did they start?
And when would they see home again?

But “Yes! Eureka! Everything’s great!”,
Norah yelled out with glee.
“If we were there Yesterday but it’s Tomorrow here,
then we’ll be home Today, you’ll see!”

So they bought some Chinese souvenirs
And some snacks with Canadian money
And people looked at these hooligans strangely
And told them their accents were funny

But the hooligans merely thanked them all
Remembering to be polite and smile
And then they returned to the tunnel they’d dug
To begin the long walk through the Chinese miles

And what do you know! When they got back
It turned out that they’d only been gone one full day
Their mother was worried and she yelled at them
But then she hugged them anyway

And she asked them where in the world they had been,
and why were they covered in dirt?
And they said they were safe, they had just dug to China
It was fun and no one got hurt

Their mother thought they were crazy of course
And she laughed herself to tears
So you should’ve seen the look on her face
When they showed her their souvenirs!

~ by Chris Hibbard on February 18, 2015.

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