Hooligans Pt. IV

A Children’s Poem
by Chris Hibbard
For Norah and Rowan
February 12, 2015

Hooligans Pt. IV

Our two young hooligans, Rowan and Norah
both so brave and bold
Were set for adventure and looking for mischief
or so their mother had told

She had packed them a lunch and wrapped it with care
one for him and one for her
Now armed with their lunch kits and aimed for the park
they were looking for trouble for sure

And oh what amazing troubles they found
the minute their lunch kits were opened
For instead of an apple, a sandwich with cheese
there was something more than they had been hopin’

They found two keys for two rocket ships
and two maps of outer space
And a note from their mother that told them to fly
to some fun-filled far off place

Comparing their maps and looking at planets
they finally settled on Mars
It was red and bright and it flashed in the night
unique amongst all of the stars

So they started their ships and they blasted off
deep into black skies
They didn’t know what they’d find when they got there
It was sure to be a surprise

And oh they were right, our hooligan pair
for the minute their spaceships set down
They were greeted by legions of little grey people
with six arms and four eyes that were round

The martians lit a big fire and threw them a party
with music and games and more
They ate marshmallow pies and martian moon-cakes
while martian dogs rolled on the floor

Guided by their new friends, they set off to explore
The landscape of this big red planet
They slid down craters and climbed massive peaks
of a mountain that was volcanic!

There were rivers of lava, and smoke and mist
and holes that were red-hot and steaming
There were upside down trees and funnel shaped clouds
and other things hooligans dream of

By the time they were done, Norah and Rowan
were hungry and covered with powder
And they wanted an apple, some cheese and some milk
and a bathtub or a shower

So our two young explorers said their goodbye
and shook every hand of each martian
who watched the hooligans with four round black eyes
as they fired up their starships

Past the moon, past the stars, and back to the Earth
Rowan and Norah returned
When they got home, their mother was waiting
To hear what they had learned

They started to tell her about all the fun
and to thank her for the lunch kits
but when their heads hit the pillow they couldn’t stay awake
too much excitement for two young munchkins

~ by Chris Hibbard on February 11, 2015.

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