Hooligans Pt. III

A Children’s Poem
for Norah and Rowan
By Chris Hibbard
February 4, 2015

Hooligans Pt. III

It was boring on Wednesday with nothing to do
And our two little hooligans came up with a plan
They would collect all the rocks and the gems they could find
They would store them all up in a large garbage can

And when it was full, they would sell them for money
They’d have so much cash – it should be just enough
To buy all the toys and the things that they’d wanted
Like race cars and castles and puppies and stuff

So the hooligans, eager now, got ready to go
They put on their boots and their coats and their hats
They started collecting in their own backyard
But soon they found stones in other places than that

They found rubies and emeralds, diamonds and pearls
They found opals and crystals and zinc and old glass
The two young hooligans found gemstones aplenty
They even found an amethyst and a blue topaz

They found sapphires and garnets and stones that were rare
Buried underground and high up in the trees
They found rubies and quartz and amber too
By climbing up ladders and crawling on knees

They found even more when they expanded their search
into the alley next door and at the neighbours place
They found special rocks – ones with magic powers
that must have come from outer space

The next thing you knew, that big can was full
It weighed so much, they didn’t know what to do
But Rowan and Norah, our hooligan pair
called on their mother to help get them through

Together they put the big can on a wagon
and they pushed and pulled until they were sore
The wagon wheels creaked, and the big can would wobble
but the three of them managed to get it indoors

Then they got our their guides, and their gemstone books
and they peeked through magnifying glasses
They wanted to know how much they were worth
If they were rich they could stop going to classes!

As it turned out, most of the gems were just rocks
Ones you could find anywhere
But a few of them were beautiful, shiny and bright
and it turned out they just didn’t care

They held them and rubbed them, and polished them too
Until they were shiny like mirrors
The hooligans brave got creative that day
They turned them into things even dearer!

They made crowns and armor, bracelets and rings
That they could wear to school and to other fun places
They may not be rich, the hooligans learned
But they sure had big smiles on their faces

~ by Chris Hibbard on February 4, 2015.

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