Hooligans Pt. II

A Children’s Poem
for Norah and Rowan
By Chris Hibbard
January 27, 2015

Hooligans Pt. II

Two little hooligans flew to the moon
just to see what they could see
They saw craters and cheese and little green men
and cars that were made out of trees

The two little hooligans, Norah and Rowan
were excited and ran like the wind
they ran to the top and they ran to the bottom
they ran right to the moon’s very end

Since the moon has no gravity, the hooligans found
they could nearly fly through the air
They could jump, and jump higher, and still jump again
Where they landed they just didn’t care

So they leaped in great bounds and made howling sounds
Like an owl, a lion, a monkey
Until their tummies were rumbling because they didn’t pack lunch
and they realized they were quite hungry

And they stared at the stars and the planets they could see
and all the empty space in between
They remembered the prairies, the sunsets and lakes
of the other place that they had been

And so they found themselves right back where they started
standing outside their ship
It was open and waiting, calling their names
ready for another big trip

But the hooligans thought, and they talked to each other
about which direction they should go next
and they decided that maybe… just maybe
their own planet Earth was the best

So Norah and Rowan, all done with exploring
pushed the engine beginner
The spaceship took off and their planet grew closer
and they were home just in time for dinner

~ by Chris Hibbard on January 27, 2015.

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