Hooligans Pt. I

A children’s poem
for Norah & Rowan
by Chris Hibbard
January 20, 2015




There once were two young hooligans
that would not go to bed
They laughed and played and stayed up late,
hooligan thoughts inside their heads

Their mother told them to go to sleep
but they had other plans
They’d jump and dance and roll and spin
They’d even walk up on their hands

The hooligans, a boy and a girl
had energy and zeal
They didn’t want to tell their mother
that sugar had been their only meal

So she sang them songs and she read them tales
Of lands in far off places
Her voice and her words and imagination
put smiles upon their faces

And before they knew it
They were all tucked in
With heads upon pillows
Blankets up to their chins

As they listened to mother, these hooligan’s minds
Drifted up into the sky
Where everything’s blue but the rainbows and clouds
and the colorful birds flying by

And mother she smiled and she stroked their hair
As her hooligans drifted away
For dreams and romance had led them to sleep
And the end of their hooligan day

~ by Chris Hibbard on January 20, 2015.

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