Cape Horn (The Horseman Prince)

A poem by Chris Hibbard
For Mary Jane
January 10, 2015

Cape Horn

I’m thinking about a little piece of heaven.
I’m dreaming about you next to me in the light.
Coming closer to a devotion that I never realized before.
Strawberry Fields Forever and us – living out our sweet futures.

There will come a time to bind with chains.
And there will come a time to throw away the key.
You and me is all we need – to see the mountaintop.
My African Bass Drum can come too.

I can beat our worries past the Nile and under the wall.
Across oceans of sharks and pirates and adventure –
to an island that glitters with the sands of time.
And I will bend down for the diamonds on the path
and hold them tight to give to you

Past the wood and memories that once were
in a collection of stories of you and I.
I and you is all we need – to touch the low hanging fruit.

And we’ll write the book of a princess that’s not afraid
held captive by an evil queen that killed a good king
that was the father of a prince that loves the brave princess.
You’ll know what that means on the ocean shoreline.

You will come with me to the eclipse
to see the baptism of the sun.
And we can catch the moon rise to cast it’s glow for miles.
Along the oceans of sharks and pirates and adventures

Our faith goes with the journeys to the mountain peak and past the Nile.
If you want me, I’ll be on the beach
Watching a film made famous in my eye,
as there is no other place than here – in silence – to forget it all.

Illusions of the mind form a different fantasy
Me and you in the castle on the clouds
In the fortress behind your eyes on pure amethyst nothingness.
Lakes of rain in my hands but only a thimble to drink from.
But we’ll get drunk anyway on coconut mudslides and banana daiquiris.

Once you, the angel, touchdown to romance with me –
your Horseman prince – your Horseman hero.
I’ll be there with popcorn and a smile behind a shrub, ready to reminisce
So hush now, no worries must pass.
Tonight is a night for slumber and you must go to your own dreams.

Strawberry Fields Forever will keep you company
While taking care of business, finding what we want
I’ll be holding the conch shell – waiting for your call.
So take our thimble and remember well the lessons passed.

The first part is finished, a new act begins
Kisses sent by phone lines and dreams never forgotten
where in my little piece of heaven – my island in the sea
I will be waiting for you.

~ by Chris Hibbard on January 10, 2015.

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