Happiness Shall Be Our Quest

For Mary Jane And Our Winter Blues
by Chris Hibbard
January 2, 2015


Lest we wallow in depression
while our minds our thoughts oppress
Cowered down by this procession
letting misery progress
‘Til this harrowing transgression
traps us in one sordid mess
Set aside this bleak obsession
free your mind of this duress

Life is full of complication
problems may perpetuate
These pests devise infiltration
that if ignored might seal our fate
Ask yourself the implications
may we not alleviate
That which plans our decimation
as we calmly contemplate?

Therein lies the division
‘tween our misery and bliss
Trials so impair our vision
that our joys we tend to miss
We’re so caught up in decision
that our options lay remiss
While our perils feign derision
trifles that we ought dismiss

Angst is not but small distraction
pleading for us to react
Pain is only but a fraction
don’t let sorrow’s claim protract
Don’t give grief the satisfaction
by conceding to false fact
That we can not take faithful action –
here lies the course we shall enact

To this evil raise objection
hope with you may reconnect
Let us sit in still reflection
so that we may recollect
Let us find in introspection
something worthy to protect
Virtue in our thoughts collection
all things right and quite correct

So that we may gain direction
I have something to suggest
Though we’ll never find perfection
happiness shall be our quest
Be content with imperfection
and the world will yield it’s best
cherish life, dismiss rejection
love your life, forget the rest

~ by Chris Hibbard on January 2, 2015.

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