Sound On Sound On Sound

A poem
by Chris Hibbard
December 26, 2014

Sound On Sound On Sound

Pluck the strings so gently
as my heartbeat sets the time
Pouring out melancholy notes
negotiate the rhyme

Execute a melody
to stimulate the mood
blend the words simply
so they’re easily understood

Take a mental journey
into unexplored sound waves
Grab the audio vibration
to see how it behaves

Take it into outer space
and let it bounce around
Then pull it, curve it, shape it
Mold it until you’ve found

The sweetest music ever heard
On sea or sky or ground
You should know, the main thing here
is Sound, on Sound, on Sound

The song I have invented
lingers in your mind
And there it stays forever
because it is of the kind

that keeps repeating like a dream
that never fades away
So listen, and you might hear me play
my song for you someday

~ by Chris Hibbard on December 26, 2014.

One Response to “Sound On Sound On Sound”

  1. Harmony.
    It all starts with the rhythm of the heart.
    love this one.

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