Double Dog Dare

(This poem was inspired by my friend Nathan. He challenged me one night, after drinking several beers, to write a poem during the next 3-minute commercial break in the program we were watching on TV. He asked for it…. and he got it. The following poem was scribbled on a note pad over two commercial breaks, separating the Big Bang Theory and Jeopardy, if memory serves correct. It turns out to be quite nice, if rhymed correctly in the spoken word, coffee shop, finger snappin’ jazz kind of way.)





Double Dog Dare

A poem

by Chris Hibbard


Double down on these rhymes & those rhythms

With words of wisdom from this poetry pen

Alliterative alternatives to Saturday seasons

Bouncing and biting and slapping the shot

Turning to trivia in times of temptaion

Leaving the living to snowstorms and shovels

Taking the time to write this rhyme

While cruisin’ for bruisins but feeling’ just fine

As time stretches and skews and we’re all good to go

Doublin’ down on those rhymes and these rhythms


~ by Chris Hibbard on March 7, 2013.

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