Enough with the Pro-Life already

A Letter To The Editor
by Chris Hibbard
Published In the Lethbridge Herald
October 2012

While I don’t wish to get terribly involved in a major debate about this topic, I think it is safe to say that I am truly getting sick of the ‘black or white’ approach to the abortion debate that this paper’s editorial pages continue to accommodate each week.

I get it, okay. I really do. Babies are beautiful, children are sacred and the fetus is a miraculous thing. I understand that we live in ‘The Bible Belt’ and I encourage my fellow Albertans to stand up for their views and beliefs while engaging in this country’s free press and public right to the freedom of expression.

With this being said, I believe that many other readers are also getting tired of the proponents of this issue who persist in hijacking the Letters to the Editor section and the somewhat silly ‘Roasts and Toasts’ page, only to force their views on this topic upon other people.

I feel that the pro-life-slash-pro-choice decision comes down to the individual mother of the unborn child. She is the only one who knows the true history of the baby. She is the only one who will have to nurture and take care of her child for the next eighteen years or more. She is the only one who knows her own health condition, her own financial situation, her own spiritual beliefs and her own extended support system via friends and family.

I think that any abortion decision is not up to you. It is not up to me. It is not up to campaign slogans, political action, letter-writing campaigns, or billboards on the side of the highway. It is not up to highly organized religious groups and certainly not up to the Lethbridge Herald. It is up to the mother of the child.

I’d like to see those same letter writers pick up another subject to focus their passion and zeal towards. In Southern Alberta, I witness elements of racism, sexism, poverty, homophobia, homelessness, addiction and the shadow of suicide almost every day. Are we afraid to discuss such things in a public forum? The rights of an unborn child have seemingly surpassed some more important issues that affect the well-being of our fellow humans who pass by us every day on the streets.

This abortion debate has been raging for decades and it is time to put it to rest. Political parties stay away from it, as do most religious institutions and our own free health care system. So, to take a few pages from a good book: why not try loving thy neighbour and turning the other cheek, before filling up this newspaper with angry rhetoric that attacks an issue which is truly someone else’s personal business.

Chris Hibbard

~ by Chris Hibbard on October 20, 2012.

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