R.I.P. Page a Week Plan

A ramble
by Chris Hibbard

R.I.P. Page a Week Plan

In January of this year, with great gusto and enthusiasm, I publicly declared via a blog posting my renewed intention of using this site more effectively – thereby also keeping the creative juices flowing.

To quote directly, I proclaimed that I would “shackle myself to imagination and write something new, at least one page long, at least once a week.”

Sadly, I must admit that I have unfortunately failed in this small goal. Inspiration, that subtle muse – that mischievous mistress – seems to come and go in spurts. While on most days she is like small waves gently lapping upon a beach, these waves occasionally get substantial or even huge – when the winds are blowing appropriately.

While I regret to inform you that my page a week plan was unsuccessful, there is a bright side. (I am an optimist by nature.)

I have added tons of great poetry, written some interesting fiction and non-fiction pieces, and utilized this blog more than I did last year. To this, I say, “Here’s to small victories.”

Thanks for reading. There is always more to come.

Chris Hibbard

~ by Chris Hibbard on September 24, 2010.

One Response to “R.I.P. Page a Week Plan”

  1. you can do it… so do it!

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