Poem Pals

Two Poems
by C.H. & E.P.

A Poem To Her
by C.H.

I sit here by this lone computer
idly killing time
my Spotlight shining bright and long
enough to write these rhymes

As you’re getting off work
and loading your car
speeding away to wherever you are
are you listening in
o these big bouncy beats?
is your pretty baby bouncing
in her little baby seat?

Did you dream of supervillains
and super-boyfriends last night?
I dreamed of crossing rivers
once the Sandman made it right
But first I tossed and tumbled
tangling up my legs
for thoughts of life and love and loss
were messing with my brain

Until this morning I awoke
and thought “I know what I need”
I need Ringo, John and friends
to Beatle me indeed
And as I whistled while I washed
and squished my sticky toes
I hummed and hollered about sunshine rising
even though rain is all we know

So this poem’s for you,
Emily How-Do-You-Do
I hope it makes you grin
in fact I hope you grin so much
you dribble down your chin

A Poem To Him
by E.P.

Christopher, I hear you,
You’re voice speaking from my dash
Your silliness and bouncy beats
It almost makes me crash.

I too have been listening to happy songs
On this truly gloomy day;
I’ve been finding new & original things
To chase the Doldrums away.

Last night my sleep my fitful,
Full of broken, mismatched dreams.
Ghosts and frantic fits of colour –
Sadness leaking through the seams.

Yes, listening to the Beatles
Fixes most things that are broke;
And of course, staring at Paul
Makes me want to have a smoke.

I really liked your poem –
I grinned from ear to ear.
And while I didn’t dribble down my chin
I wrote this poem for you, my dear!

~ by Chris Hibbard on September 16, 2010.

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