A Letter That Was Never Mailed.

A letter
by Chris Hibbard
Originally written July 28, 2010

(Author’s note: I deeply wanted to submit this letter to a number of animal rights and law enforcement authorities. Friends of mine, the individuals involved; decided against pushing the issue; for fear of reprisal. May the anonymous subject be punished accordingly by karma, kismet, fate, and which ever other gods deal with animal abuse.)

A Letter That Was Never Mailed.

Dear madam/sir,

It has come to my attention as a concerned citizen and animal lover that a pet cat was recently terribly abused by an individual right here Lethbridge. The cat, whose jaw was dislocated and was bleeding from the mouth for an extended period, is still suffering from the effects of physical human trauma and is afraid of human contact – even from its owner and best friend.

To summarize the story, my good friend *________* has recently started dating a young woman named *________*, who had a cat. *________* lived with a man who abused drugs, had committed acts of violence before, and was verbally abusive towards her. One night recently (two weeks ago today approximately) *________* and *________* awoke to find her pet cat bleeding and beaten. Making a long story short, *________* moved out of the house, the abusive roommate changed the locks and I am currently storing some of her belongings in my basement as a courtesy. As a writer and animal lover, I personally adopted the situation as a perfect example to reinforce animal abuse legislation. Having no personal connection to the accused abuser, there is nothing I would like more than to see him punished for animal cruelty.

Through a conversation with *________* earlier this evening, I was given detailed information and her permission to write this letter. She has been saving information on her cell phone detailing conversations prior to and after the animal abuse. She has veterinarian X-rays from the *_____*____* clinic and supportive information to back up this claim. The reputation of the accused roommate/abuser is suspect to begin with, and *________* and *________* are willing to testify to their perspective on the cat’s abuse, their details about the incident in question and the full relationship between *________*’s experience with her former house and homeowner; plus supporting information that may even be of interest to other law enforcement organizations. In simple terms, he is a bad man who does bad things – and he hurt her cat.

This is where I came in. I am a writer, I love animals and I have owned many cats. I have volunteered time in the past with animal rescue societies and have volunteered my time to write this letter – essentially turning in the offender and providing you with the names of this reported abuser and all individuals involved to the best of my knowledge, with the hopes that this matter will be pursued further. Therefore, so as you are aware of my full intent, I will be sending this email to Lethbridge’s PAWS society, Humane Society and local chapter of the SPCA. I look forward to seeing headlines about a local animal abuser being caught and punished accordingly – if only to get some justice for a beautiful cat named *_______*.

Chris Hibbard

~ by Chris Hibbard on September 15, 2010.

One Response to “A Letter That Was Never Mailed.”

  1. the universe will always balance – the abuser will no doubt pay his dues thru the karmanic cycle.

    an update on the cat – he is doing much better, scarred but not broken… it is obvious that his spirit has returned and he is almost the same old kitty.

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