A poem
by Chris Hibbard



On the beach, alone
the blackbirds want me to leave
the horseflies wish me to stay
the waves beckon me gently
saying “Enter here, it’s nice, it’s cool”
while one lone mallard watches
guarding the depths of the lake
alone, like me
on the beach

The sun beats down upon my arm
my neck, my chest
my stomach that I wish was smaller
it warms me
radiation from without
burns my hairs and gets caught in my cracks
and the reeds…
how they dance
each one trying to outgrow all the rest
while just one
away from all the others
is on the beach

If there is peace, I have found it
if there is love
I am gripped
for as the sand grows hotter
and the sun slowly dips west
the blackbirds call my name
the horseflies find other prey
the waves rise up the shore
to find my toes, touch my arches
lick my heels
while one lone mallard is joined by a mate
the pair taking flight
leaving the beach
for me alone

~ by Chris Hibbard on August 7, 2010.

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