A daily poem #201 – May 23, 2010

A poem
by Jhonny Thermidor
c) 2008

Mathematical Love

Mathematical Love

I sketch the line between love & hate,
As my algebra teacher expects me to.
Each of them located at a boundless end.
Love is a maze, a unfathomable line.
If love is inauspiciously intersected by hate
And in fact, requires no missing fractions
If loyalty is other than acute or obtuse angle,
Then, lies and evasions could be the result.
To preserve the future of a relationship,
I should multiply my smooth words of love,
Subtract and divide errors to show clemency,
And add more emphasis in term of forgiveness.
The concept of love is accessible to follow
And simultaneously ambiguous to comply with.
As long as the rules or theorems aren’t infringed,
Misconception and failure are formidable to reach.


~ by Chris Hibbard on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “A daily poem #201 – May 23, 2010”

  1. Wow, nice job making algebra relevant in everyday life.

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