Shampoo Thoughts

A poem
by Chris Hibbard

Shampoo Thoughts

Shampoo Thoughts

I realized something this morn’ in the shower,
A little thought that lingered, stretching over the hours
While the shampoo in my hair only lasted so long,
this thought was still there once the shampoo was gone.
I thought about death and what’s after we die;
if we share the same end as the shampoo now lies,
with our lives spinning round, to be sucked down a drain,
a complete total loss of more than our brain
It would seem no one knows, for we must die to behold
the wonders of afterlife that can never be told
So we should live life to the fullest, that’s what I say
because you just never know if today’s the last day
Take the chances, the risks, and give plenty of kisses
Make everyday full of thrills so you won’t want to miss it
For like the old adage says “Life is what you make it”
we should seize every moment, embrace it and take it
And do what we want to, what we will, as we may
Think about what we want, and shun what others might say
While they’re busy being themselves, so should you
Don’t follow the herd – instead try something new
Be yourself and be proud to stand out in the crowd
for if life is a book it should be read out loud
Resist wearing labels, and just be who you are
If the world is a stage, then we are the stars
And I realize now that my thoughts in the shower
were really just moments of doubt, fear and power
But my hair is now clean, the shampoo has been cleansed
So I made up this poem for my readers and friends

~ by Chris Hibbard on May 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Shampoo Thoughts”

  1. How interesting you bring this topic up…yesterday I read several poems with the same question…it’s one of those eternal questions posed by man…with no one coming back to answer the question. Enjoyed your poem.

  2. I love the idea I was the first person who read this poem…kiss

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