A poem
by Chris Hibbard



How can you turn your back
and still look in the mirror
And how will falling tears
make your world look any clearer?

How can you move forward
if you’re always looking back
And how can you be happy here
with your mind on a different track?

If you rock the boat you sit in
will it ever rest again
And if it does with who
in what boat, and when?

Will your dreams dissolve
as you sink below the waves
Or will you make it to the opposite shore
to live a life of happy days?

You may hold up a mirror
but nothing yet reflects
You may place it on a scale
but nothing yet weighs best

So what to do but sit and wait
think and ponder life
What will make you happy
and to that, by what device?

Open up a box
see your own self looking out
Reach out to find a helping hand
while your own is cramped with doubt

You can’t get blood from a turnip
nor wisdom from a fool
Nor even rely on your own heart
for all the tricks it tends to pull

If you don’t know the truth yet
how can you decide
If you can’t even judge yourself
then what of other lives?

It’s not for you to say
what another soul should do
Ask yourself is it really them
when a lot is also you?

How can you find answers
to questions yet unasked
Or know how to those same answers
another will react?

You’ve tipped the boat before
stayed in and yet fell out
Would you not rock it yet again
and maybe be without?

Do you need another
or can you swim alone
If you must stay together
how to know with whom?

There are just so many questions
whether spoke aloud or not
But you know that if it’s left in dock
that your boat would simply rot

To rot, to sink, to swim, it seems
the future’s never set
There’s no such thing as half a chance
for all of life you bet

There is no written program
you learn steps as you go
With little more than chance alone
to guide the river’s flow

No amount of words
could bring this to a close
What will lie before you,
not even the future knows

~ by Chris Hibbard on December 1, 2008.

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