The Big Guy

A poem
by Chris Hibbard

The Big Guy

The Big Guy

From the darkness of heaven I heard them cry
Angels weeping because God had died
The world below lying in flames
But the lost souls of Satan were not to blame

From the darkness of hell I heard them cry
Demons howling because Satan had died
The world above was drowning in tears
But the tears weren’t due to to angel’s fears

From inside this emptiness of our broken hearts
We knew this was how our destruction starts
As the world fell apart in a wave of black death
Eternity was now the best we could get

In the coldest darkest void, collapsed all the stars
Galaxies screaming as they all ripped apart
The universe faded away into dust
But it had nothing to do with what’s right or what’s just

From the shores of our universe the storm faded away
Silence filling up a once beautiful day
Nothing remaining but a smear of grey ash
Even the tide had ceased its roll and its crash

From a speck of reality that we once called ours
I inhaled but smelled only burnt out stars
And I wished that my soul too had disappeared
For that would have been less than what the angels had feared

From a faint hope a being was born into love
He built himself a castle of clouds high above
And the lord built a universe because he was alone
And all of his things reminded me of my home

From his spot in the sky he saw me weep
Reaching down from heaven to me he would speak
Granting me wings upon which I should fly
Reaffiriming that he would never be able to die

From his throne so majestic he heard my laughter
Life finally making it to the happily ever after
A new world sang below, praising existence
For a change had been made in that very first instant

Every ten thousand years he wipes us all out
So we can rebuild and relearn what life’s all about
He tires, rejoices, then gives one more try
It’s all just a game for the big guy in the sky


~ by Chris Hibbard on November 19, 2008.

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  1. Thanks and God Bless

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