A poem
by Chris Hibbard



Wandering through antique streets
Looking at all the antique things
Stacked row upon row in antique aisles
Overpriced and fragile in antique shops
Searching for the thing that will bring me luck

Dipping in the river
Looking for a glint of silver or gold
Plastic or tin
Searching for the one thing that will grant me luck
Traversing mountain paths
Trekking through dark woods
Even looking at other humans
Searching for luck

Luck in finding the meaning of life
The impetus and reason for this film to be made
Luck in all my actions
Luck in fulfilling dreams and wishes
But after weeks of searching
I have figured out
That to find that lucky token
I need a little bit more luck


~ by Chris Hibbard on November 13, 2008.

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