A love poem
by Chris Hibbard


I wake in the night for reasons unknown
Moonlight softly through the window shone

As my eyes focus on the soft form at my side
I see beauty even the dark can’t hide

Your hair glows with the moon’s luminescence
My nose fills with your perfumed essence

My fingertips trace the soft curve of your hips
Your delicate features and tender warm lips

I feel your heat as I draw nearer to you
How lucky we are to find love this true

As my body wraps around you from your head to your toes
You instinctively reach out and pull me in close

Knowing that you do this even as you sleep
Is just one more reason why my love for you is deep

As our chests line up, our hearts beat in sync
And being this near to you leads me to think

How lucky I am to have a love such as this
You’re the answer to prayers and to every wish

As I drift back to sleep with a heart full of song
We begin a dream journey that lasts until dawn

So dream well my dear, of gentle times with no cares
And when you reach out your hand, know I’ll be there


~ by Chris Hibbard on November 6, 2008.

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