by Chris Hibbard



It was bitter cold and windy
and beginning to freeze my toes
I sniffed and felt my boogers freeze
Way up inside my nose

Wishing I was somewhere else
Somewhere nice and warm
Until my attention was diverted
By something out of the norm

She was riding on the back of a giant polar bear
And underneath her fur-lined hood
She had a mane of long brown hair
She was a girl of Arctic persuasion
She told me she had never slept with a Caucasian

She said her name was Ookpik
and I told her I am Chris
before inviting her to my igloo
for a long eskimo kiss

When she saw my sealskin rug
She said she’d love to stay the night
And since a night up here is six months long
I thought that that would be all right

We snuggled and I pet her bear
and she chipped off my underwear
I was scared that she would judge me
‘cuz boy it sure was chilly
But with the right amount of friction
there is some thawing of the willy

After who knows how many nights
of company and heat
I could barely move
I was so physically beat

But I rolled over
and threw an arm around my babe
To find the Ookpik I had come to love
During the night had slipped away

I crawled out of my frozen home
And looked to the left and right
There were paw prints in the snow
Of where she’d gone during the night

Our time was through
She’d left for good
I never saw her again
But I swear I heard her voice once more
Carried on the wind


~ by Chris Hibbard on November 6, 2008.

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