I’ll Remember You

A poem
by Chris Hibbard

In loving memory of
Melanie Lisa Hibbard
(01/31/76 – 11/15/97)


I’ll Remember You

When the rose isn’t red
And the violet is no longer blue
The one thing that will be for sure
Is that I’ll remember you

When all the clowns stop laughing
I won’t know what to do
But then I will think back
I will remember you

When the dream becomes reality
And lies are suddenly true
I may not know what I’m doing
But I’ll remember you

When a smile means sadness
And ten plus six is two
I’ll be so confused
Yet I’ll still remember you

When I’m grown and long been gone
And I’ve found somebody new
I’ll remember the one who meant the most
I’ll remember you

~ by Chris Hibbard on November 6, 2008.

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