A matter of perception

A reflection
by Chris Hibbard

A matter of perception

If everything is in our minds and it’s all just a matter of perception
Then does that mean that all things are perceived as separate realities?
Are my eyes seeing something different from yours and his and society’s?
Do I hear different music in my head?
Do you hear alternate meaning through your ears?

If this were true, as I tend to believe, then is anybody seeing or hearing the truth
or are we all correct in our own thoughts?
I suppose since we’re all different and all think in different manners
That someone else, right now, elsewhere is thinking these same thoughts in a different way

Maybe I’m mistaken, and we are one connected, collective mind
Maybe as I’m thinking these things someone nearby is as well
If so, this may mean that another theory is true
That the majority of humans are ignorant and self-absorbed
And just don’t care to listen to their brains

Could we all be right, yet all still be wrong?
Should I think only to myself, of myself
and not care if or how you do?
Perhaps I should just not care to write it down


~ by Chris Hibbard on November 6, 2008.

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