Sugar Free

A poem
By Chris Hibbard

Sugar Free

Revival of the old ways
Pave the streets of yesterdays
Survival in the modern age
Macaroni and minimum wage

A retrial for the superstar
Another ticket on the mayor’s car
Specials at the local bar
Things to fear everywhere, near and far

Educate and Instigate
Complicate then just sedate

Look both ways, tie your shoes
Then throw your ball into the street
Stir your tears into coffee over morning news
Then go topless for money and to beat the heat

Razorblades in Snickers bars
Abortions in high school bathroom stalls
Adding a few more feathers to the tar
Letting the next-door scapegoats take the falls

Contemplate, briefly hesitate
Then aggravate and re-integrate

Crying for a new ex-wife
“I never should have waved the knife”
Trying out for the latest team
But tossing in the same old dream

Pried open with the jaws of life
I.V.’s for patients to drink tonight
Before frying in the Lay-Z-Boy
The government funded justice toy

Fertilize, then energize
Realize, then circumsize
Exercise, then minimize
Compromise and exorcize
All it takes is a few more tries

~ by Chris Hibbard on November 4, 2008.

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