Flick Fetish

A poem
by Chris Hibbard

Flick Fetish

Here’s a little fable
About a girl named Mable
And her man named Abel
And how they stay stable
Thanks to their cable

From the moment they met
They had a bond in their bed
A turn on that gave them kicks
Their favourite position? In front of the vision
Catching those late night flicks

After a fit of hot passion
But before they were crashin’
And moved to turn out the lights
These birds of a feather
They nestled together
In front of their black and white

Some nights they got lucky
With Backdraft or Rocky, one time
They caught the Cuckoo’s Nest.
But in between Casablancas and Shanes and Citizen Kanes,
Not to mention Gene Kelly as he sang in the Rain
They weren’t always so pleasantly blessed

There were bombs like Gandhi and Howard the Duck.
Others starring Pauly Shore and Tom Arnold and assorted other schmucks,
And for every Dr. Zhivago there was a dud like Chicago,
Or a Chuck Norris double feature
For every Sleepless in Seattle, a documentary about cattle
A Toxic Avenger, Pirahna, and Creature

But the pair were in love, no compare
So they even did it during the day
But they would never just settle for a roll in the hay,
It seems that for months under covers they’d lay
Happy in bed with their noon matinee

~ by Chris Hibbard on November 4, 2008.

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