A poem
by Chris Hibbard


When it’s this bad
When it’s this painful
Like a hard punch in the sternum
That knocks the breath out of you
When you’re stunned
Can’t think
Can’t breathe
Can’t move
Can’t eat
Can’t function
When the phone rings
And it sends a dagger through your heart
Because it’s not her
Because she’s not phoning
Because she doesn’t care
Because she has other friends
And doesn’t need you
When she says she wants to see you
But her actions prove otherwise
When you take last place
And you’re an afterthought
When the smile that gave you butterflies
Now makes you apprehensive and edgy
When you’re afraid to show you care
For fear of being the fool again
When you don’t know what to expect
When your comfort in her company
has been replaced by restless sleep
Because of what she said
And what she didn’t
Because of what she should have,
could have said
Because of what she did
And didn’t do
Because of what she should have,
Could have done
This is what it is to love
Isn’t it?


~ by Chris Hibbard on November 3, 2008.

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