Space Brothers

A poem
by Chris Hibbard

Space Brothers

Some day soon I’m gonna find my dad
I’m gonna wake up shaking in my bed
I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue
And turn myself back older than you
Don’t try to make me stay awake
Don’t try to make me shut it down
I’m gonna turn it up
Wasting away another day
And I don’t care
Stuck in glue and I can’t move
And my bed’s way over there
Don’t start a fight, don’t even try
Don’t have the will to ask you why
Don’t feel the same, or recall my name
But I know I’m not the one to blame
I’m a little unsure but think I’ve been here before
Say hi, say good night, say goodbye once more
I’m coming with my space brothers from the planets
And they’re coming to escort me home
And we’re trying and we’re flying
And the stars are blinding
But I think I see the shore

~ by Chris Hibbard on November 3, 2008.

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