Me, The Bean God

A poem
By Chris Hibbard

Me, the Bean God

It occurred to me
That if I were a vegetable
I’d be a bean

Not one of those thin, stringy, green beans
Or those dry, chalky kidney beans
No, I’d be a big bean.

A rich, nutritious,
meaningful bean

Ready for advantage
Friendly to potatoes
Mingling with every kind of veggie
A good friend to both meat and beer

I’d leap from my pod
With a loud popping sound
Into the hot pot
Always in hot water
And out of it
With a soft heart
Minus a hard shell

Supporting world hunger
On bean shoulders
Green under butter
Or brown with gravy

If some starving soul
Saw my flesh bleed
As the knife went in
I’d accept his prayers and homage

And become a god
To die like a man
The bean god


~ by Chris Hibbard on November 3, 2008.

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