Advice from the Wise

A poem
By Chris Hibbard

Advice from the Wise

Don’t carry the world on your shoulders
For I’ve done that once before
It just leaves you feeling older
With both your shoulders sore
An old man said to me once
“Don’t fly too close to the sun”
Well of course, I did
For listening, well it’s just not fun
So in fact I should know better
Than to tell you all these things
Because now I am that same old man
And it’s you not listening
I recall as a young one
Drinking all the vintage wine
Unravelling the mysteries of youth
So drink up my friends, and drink well
But drink from your own glass
One day too soon you’ll understand
And on that day you’ll laugh
You will weigh all of those choices made
And will see I wasn’t wrong
And the words that you’ll be singing
Will be of this very song

~ by Chris Hibbard on November 3, 2008.

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