The Fix

A love poem
by Chris Hibbard

The Fix

The Fix

He commits the sin of avarice
she is warm liqueur to his lips
So hot and sweet; he is amorous
He will drink her in with eager sips

He is distracted by the fantasy
the torture of waiting for her kiss.
He dreams of taking her in ecstasy
and counts the moments until she grinds her hips

This is a craving that he cannot tame
He can not resist the capture
He is powerless to the game
and is succumbing to its rapture

This passion is a hungry fire
that burns beneath his fingertips
It overwhelms, consumes entire
an addiction with him in its grip

To get his fix he’ll breathe her in
Knowing each hit will take him higher
Trembling, he wants to touch her skin
an insatiable desire


~ by Chris Hibbard on October 31, 2008.

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