I Don’t Care About…

An opinion
by Chris Hibbard

I Don’t Care About…

We live in a very superficial world, full of shallow wants disguised as needs, pseudo-fiction disguised as news, and constant bombardment by advertising. So it’s not very hard for me to come up with a list of things that I don’t particularly care about.

I don’t care about Britney and her baby, Paris and her parties, Lindsay and her problems, or Brangelina and their charitable acts. Granted, charity and adoption are good things – but there are many others out there who do more, for less.

I don’t worry about outward appearances – piercings and tattoos, dieting tips, fashion statements, what’s in or what’s out. I don’t care about the differences between our religions or economic backgrounds – when we are naked, scared, and alone – we all look very much the same, and pray very much the same. Even Scientologists, who I’m pretty sure worship space aliens, hope that someone kind is out there listening.

I don’t care much about professional sports; about who’s in first place, about who scored a birdie putt or who has the best batting average. Sports are distractions that keep us indoors, glued to car commercials and inane commentary. I especially don’t care about violent sports like Ultimate Fighting – it all seems like unnecessarily homoerotic suicide to me.

I don’t care about celebrities with opinions. An old saying says that, and I quote here: “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one.” A little crude and vulgar to be sure, but quite appropriate. Unless you have a great deal of valuable life experience, an extreme amount of theoretical and/or academic knowledge or something truly original to add, just because you’re famous, doesn’t mean you’re worth listening to.

I care very little for politics. The top two percentile of our society dictating what happens to the other 98, when they’re not too busy smiling phony at the cameras, raising funds for new campaigns and patting each other’s backs – padding each other’s wallets.

I don’t care at all about reality television – who got kicked off the island, who can dance with the stars or who is going to be the next top model. When I want reality I turn off the T.V.
I have no time, nor the inclination, to stay on top of our ever-changing technology. I don’t care about X-Box Live, iPhones, Facebook pages or plasma screens. By the time I figure out how to use them, something else has come along and made them antiquated and practically obsolete.

I really don’t care about the up and coming stars – comedians like Dane Cook, actors like Scarlett Johansen, musicians like 50 cent. I’ll respect them when they’ve been around a while.

I don’t care about who spewed racist, sexist or mean-spirited comments, or who is on the fast track to rehab. Things get misconstrued and misquoted all the time, some people just don’t know when to shut up, manners are few and far between, and private lives should stay that way.

I don’t even care that much about the seal hunt, the ozone layer, feed lots and slaughterhouses, or GMOs. These are things that for the most part are beyond my control. I respect the environment, and try to eat healthy. To do much more that that, and boycott all that is wrong with the world, is just too overwhelming.

I certainly don’t care about the newest cologne, car model, type of liqueur or energy drink. There is something to be said for tried and true, and the cliché that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it still holds up today.

I don’t care about anyone who says that Iraq is stable. They are lying. I don’t care about anyone who belittles another without walking a mile in their shoes. I don’t care about real estate values and stock market prices. People are dying of starvation and exposure every day, right here in Alberta. Cancer rates are up, just like diabetes, obesity and bullying – why should these things be any different when viewed from a global perspective.

I don’t care about any of these things. None of them are important. They are merely a mirage, a façade, and a house of smoke and mirrors that makes us weak and timid.

So what is important then? What do I care about?

I care about you. I care about my family, my friends, my brothers and sisters in humanity. We’re here for a short time, so we might as well enjoy it together.

I care about myself, sure, we are all arguably selfish and violent by nature – ask Thomas Hobbes – but we each have the capability to reprogram ourselves. None of us are perfect, perfection is a myth – but few of us are even peaceful and tolerant. If we remember that we each have individual feelings, unique thoughts, and various problems, we treat each other better. If we each spent just a few more minutes a day thinking about the things that really matter – each other – the world would improve around us without our even realizing it.

The words of a man who yells his opinion get lost in a rush on the wind, but a kind word spoken in a gentle voice, topped off with a hug and a smile, can be heard for miles around.


~ by Chris Hibbard on October 31, 2008.

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